How it works

A step by step guide on how to create a media presentation efficiently and with ease is outlined below. Enjoy!
The Multimediapresenter and its help button

Tap on the highlighted help-button in the application and steps on how you can proceed will be displayed.


The most important first steps


First steps!

Open the App Store on your iPad and enter ‘MMPresenter‘ into the search function. The MMPresenter-App will be displayed, and you can proceed to download it.

download the Mutlimediapresenter

Open the App Store on your iPhone and enter ‘MMPresenter Remote‘ into the search function. The MMPresenter Remote-App will be displayed, and you can proceed to download it.

download the MMPresenter-Remote-App

Set up a dropbox account

A dropbox account offers the easiest way to load files that you would like to use for your presentation such as PowerPoint presentations, word-documents, photos, videos from a computer or laptop to your MMPresenter-App. The sign-in to your Dropbox takes place as soon as you would like to import a media file for the first time. If you do not have a Dropbox account as yet we highly recommend setting one up. You can register via and create a new account. Several tips to proceed efficiently are available via www.dropbox/help. Your files are now ready and you can get started.

register with Dropbox

Set up a corporate account

If you would like to have a corporate account, please contact us for a free consultation. We will be pleased to set up your own corporate cloud.

The following structure of your folders is recommended on the basis of types of media.

the structure of your folders

Step-by-Step towards your successful presentation

MMP app iconTap on the App-Icon. This starts the MMPresenter App and the start screen is displayed. Create a new media presentation on the start screen and delete no longer required presentations.



 MMP startscreen

A new presentation is created if you tap on the plus sign `+` on the start screen. To edit this new presentation, you simply need to tap on the additional field that is displayed. This will open a new display to edit your presentation. The top bar displays a selection of predefined media elements which you can add to the dashboard via drag and drop.


The following media elements are available:

ppt, pps, pptx, key, pdf
Audio files
Play one or several audio files as background music during your presentation.
mp3, wav, wave, bwf, aifc, cdda, aif, aiff, caf, m4a, amr
Easy embedding and play back of videos while you present. Import vidoes that are stored on your iPad.
mp4, mov, avi, 3gp, 3gpp, sdv, m4v, qt
Display images. Import images from your image gallery on your iPad.
jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, gif, bmp
Image Gallery
Display several images as a slideshow. Import images from your image gallery on your iPad.
jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, gif, bmp
doc, docx, numbers, pages, rtf, xls, xlsx, pdf


Display websites during your presentation.

You name a presentation by tapping on the caption bar of the dashboard and entering a new name.



A drag and drop function allows you to add elements onto the dashboard In the following example, a presentation element, several document- elements, an audioplayer- element as well as a video-element have been added to the dashboard.


If you want more than 12 elements in your dashboard you can add additional fields with the “+” button. Falls Sie mehr als 12 Elemente im Dashboard ablegen möchten, können Sie mit dem „+“-Button im Dashboard zusätzliche Felder hinzufügen.

Once a media element has been added to the dashboard, a pop-up menu will display additional edit functions. A selection menu will also be displayed if you tap on any media element . In the example, the presentation- element has the menu selection ‚select presentation‘ which allows further selection of the data source and whether you would like to import a file from your Dropbox-Account or whether you would like to embed previously imported files.


How do I present?

Prior to starting your presentation it is recommended to connect your iPad with a dock connector via VGA, DVI or HDMI to an external screen or projector . Another option is to connect your iPad via the iOS control center with AirPlay to an Apple TV.


If the iPad is connected with an external screen the resolution on the external screen can be adjusted by tapping on the projector icon. Additionally, it is also possible to duplicate your current iPad display to the external screen via “mirroring” iPad screen


Tap on the start symbol which is found on the top right corner of the screen. This will start yor presentation. Select the element you would like to present and it will be displayed on the presentation screen/projector.


switch to the mediacenterYou can open the mediacenter any time and edit spontaneously.


icons_folie_zurueck                              icons_folie_vor
You change to the next or previous slide via a tap, via swiping right or left or via the arrows on the tab bar.


High/Low volume via the speaker button
Start/Stop via tap on the media element


icons_start                              icons_stop
Start/Stop via buttons on the tab bar.


Display an image. Import images from your image gallery to your iPad.


icons_start                              icons_stop
Start/Stop of the slideshow via buttons on the tab bar.


icons_Spread                              icons_Pinch
Pinch to zoom in or out. Swipping up or down will scroll in the selected perspective.


icons_Spread                              icons_Pinch
Pinch to zoom in or out. Swipping up or down will scroll in the selected perspective.


toggle the dashboardA tap on the displayed button will show or hide the dashboard. Thus, a presentation can be edited during an active presentation to e.g. react to questions and feedback.

Which auxiliary material is available?

icons_stiftThe mode offers the possibility to highlight content. Colours can be selected individually and a redo and undo function is available.

Similarly, a flipchart mode is available that offers a separate writing pad for notes.


Important parts of a media element can be highlighted to your audience with a laserpointer.


Return to the tap feature and continue to work in the usual way with your iPad.