MMPro – Terms of use

This translation is provided for information purposes only. In case of discrepancies the german original text applies.

In order to use the MMPro services from the MMPresenter App, the following terms of use are applied, effective from 10 April 2015.


  1. The MMPro service offers to the user a fee-based and time limited access to convert PowerPoint files.
  2. The purpose of the conversion of PowerPoint files is to offer higher visual quality of PowerPoint presentations during a presentation and to use more PowerPoint features like animations, transitions, embedded fonts and playing audio and video files.
  3. The MMPro service is provided as a web service by the Company SIC! Software GmbH, the vendor of the MMPresenter App.


  1. The MMPro service supports the conversion of PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010/2013 files.
  2. Dispite great care of the conversion by the MMPro service, 100 percent accurate layout and support for all PowerPoint effects, transitions and animations cannot be guaranteed.
  3. The MMPro service can only be used inside the MMPresenter App.


  1. SIC! Software GmbH regularly applies unannounced necessary updates to the basic system and the MMPro service. During these time spans the MMPro service may be unavailable.

Privacy and Data Security

  1. The In-App Purchase machanisms provided by Apple are used for authentication and authorization to the MMPro service. Private data is not saved. PowerPoint files uploaded to the MMPro service are not considered private data.
  2. The converions of a PowerPoint file can not be done on the MMPresenter App for technical reasons. Hence the PowerPoint file is transferred to a webserver that provides the MMPro service. Secure connections are used to transmit a PowerPoint file to the MMPro service and to transmit the converted PowerPoint file back to the MMPresenter App.
  3. The converted PowerPoint files are stored at the MMPro service to reduce system load and to improve the performance of the MMPro service.
  4. All servers which are part of the MMPro service are directly operated by SIC! Software GmbH. The location of the servers is guaranteed to be Germany. SIC! Software GmbH reserves the right to use infrastructures of other vendors (like Amazon, Hetzner) if these infrastructures are also located in Germany.


  1. The user is not allowed to use the MMPro service to convert PowerPoint files if the content violates laws, rights of third parties or this terms of use.

Changes in the terms of use

  1. SIC! Software GmbH reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time.
  2. There will be no explicit hint about changes of the terms of use.
  3. The user has to look for changes periodically by himself.

Final Clause

  1. The terms of use and privity of contract between the user and the vendor of the MMPro service SIC! Software GmbH, are exclusive subject to German law. If particular conditions of the terms of use are invalid or become invalid, the other remaining terms of use are still valid.