Efficient presentations

In today’s age, presentations rich in content and style are called for in private as well as business life. Animations, special effects, specific slide transitions and formats such as WordArt, SmartArt are likely to distract from the topic of the presentation and the presenter. This is specifically applicable for content relating to education, training as well as sales support.


Fast and simple animation in PowerPoint and Keynote

  • Duplicate bulleted lists with a slide
  • Duplicate spreadsheet animation with a slide
  • Duplicate Charts and Graphs with slides
  • Save Charts as clusters and paste them


Fonts are a critical area considering the vast error sources they pose. It is recommended to stick with and limit oneself to the available standard fonts ( Arial) or else to purchase extended fonts for the IPad in the App-Store. Usage of bold or italic characters is certainly possible. Nevertheless, these font styles are rarely used in sophisticated circles.

Corporate identity (CI) guidelines


Many companies demand strict adherence to CI guidelines. Company specific fonts must be used for external as well as internal communication such as letters and presentations. In such cases, a PowerPoint presentation should be saved and exported as a PDF file before transferring it to an iPad.


Please avoid using formats such as

  • WordArt
  • SmartArt
  • Shapes
  • Animations
  • Specific slide transitions
  • Specific bullet-points.

Please simply use the standard bullets.


Movies and audio

Embedding of movies and audios into PowerPoint – and Keynote presentations are not required. The Multimediapresenter enables a flexible switch to add audio and video.


Files can easily be transferred from Dropbox to the iPad. It is recommended to install Dropbox which offers free data storage up to a certain volume. This renders in great advantages. Once a presentation has been created, it can easily be saved in a Dropbox folder which can be selected and named. Subsequently, an automatic synchronization onto the iPad or other end appliances takes place. The Multimediapresenter supports DropBox which enables quick access to your presentations, music, videos, pdf, pictures and Office files.